"Smokey" our 10 month old male cockatiel, flew away last Friday afternoon . We put his cage out in the backyard soon afterwards. At about 6pm, he flew over the backyard and we called to him. Saturday am, he was in our neighbor's pecan tree. His cage with favorite foods were in his line of sight. At about 10am, he flew off again. I know he saw & heard us and his cage. The weather is warm here and there are lots of bird feeders around the neighborhood. If he shows up again, what is the best way to recapture him? How long should be continue looking for him and hope that we locate him again?



I am very sorry that your bird escaped.

If you spot your bird again, try using a hose to soak the bird which would weigh the bird down enough to make it hard for him to fly and give you the chance to capture him. Sometimes playing a tape of cockatiel calls will help attract the bird back to your home. If you have another cockatiel or could borrow one, you could use the bird as bait.

Report your lost bird to neighbors (especially children), bird breeders, newspapers, animal shelters, police, nature centers, pet stores, vets, and bird clubs. The more people that know about the bird, the more chances you have to getting him back. You could also put flyers out in local stores and around the neighborhood.

If you do find your bird, clip it's wings immediately and have the bird checked by an avian vet.