I had a pair of cockatiels who just loved one another. A few days ago the female died. We don't know why and we are upset but her mate is just distraught. He keeps calling for her, he won't eat and he is losing his feathers. We are at our wits end as to what to do because don't want to lose him too. We put him in a different cage since we thought that might distract him. Should we rush out and get another bird? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!



Obviously, your tiels were very fond of each other and sadly the death of one has caused him and you much grief. There are only two things we know to do, and one is to comfort him and let time fill the emptiness. The second is to purchase a new mate, but you must allow time to quarantine the new bird in a separate room, and then let them become acquainted in separate cages placed close to each other. There is the possibility he will refuse another mate if it's placed in the cage with him, and sometimes that refusal can be aggressive.