I just recently got a cockatiel that is about 6 months old. The bird's nostrils are a bit reddish inside and he is occasionally sneezing, but otherwise he is eating well and acting normally. He is chirping, active and isn't sitting around with his feathers fluffed up. I have put him in a warm room. What temperature should I keep the room and is there anything else I should do? This is only his second day in the new home and the house got a bit cool last night --around 65 degrees.

Thank you!
Alan D.

Dear Alan,

Birds are master of disguise. It is self-defense for a bird to act like they aren't sick. Just to be on the safe side, take your bird to the vet for a checkup. That sneezing doesn't sound good. Warmth is one of the most prescribed remedies, but you don't really know what you are treating.

A happy and healthy cockatiel is a hardy cockatiel and can adapt to a wide range in temperatures if acclimated properly. A chill is one of it's worst enemies.