I was recently given two cockatiels. I have been reading the helpful hints. I spent the first few days just sitting next to the cage. I took them out for the first time (one at a time) they were not happy. I used a towel as suggested, but they struggled and pinched. I kept them out for about 3-5 minutes. When I put the second (I think youngest) back in the cage it didn't look very good. It kept it's eyes slightly closed and had it's feathers ruffled. Now I am afraid to try it again. Should I continue?



As long as you aren't allowing the birds to become too hot and their wings are properly positioned, you will not physically harm them. The response from the second bird was typical stress but as long as the sessions are only 3 to 5 minutes, he will be fine. You need to stick with this towel training until they come to realize you mean them no harm.