Expected Weight Gains of Hand-Raised Cockatiel Chicks

AgeWeight (In Grams)
0-2 days4-6
3-6 days5-12
1-2 weeks12-45
2-3 weeks45-72
3-4 weeks72-108
4-5 weeks80-120
5-6 weeks80-90
6-7 weeks80-95
7 weeks - Adult90-110

Please note that weight gain becomes steady until the 4-5 week stage, which is when fledging normally begins. Baby cockatiels go on a "diet" then, eating less at each feeding; they appear to only be interested in flying. Be persistent, and offer them different types of food to pick at in their cage during this time frame. They should not lose more than 10% of their top body weight during fledging.